Down By The River

Mondays are usually reserved for One Four Challenge, but this is a review month, so I am taking some artistic liberties. I will use this month to search for some images that I might use in the future OFCs.

I always leave everything for the last minute, that is a well-known fact. So, when Leanne Cole posted month ago that for the first August Monochrome Madness theme would be bridges, it was natural that I left it for this Sunday.

I overslept. So, instead of the beautiful sunrise light, I got scorching heat and blinding brightness. Instead of enjoying some quiet time, I stumbled upon fishermen with whom I hold a long-standing grudge. I managed to find a peaceful place on a wooden dock, only to be chased by the rowers who for the first time ever chose that exact spot to stop and rearrange their seating.

Ah, well….amidst all that drama, I did enjoy myself, watched Berta take a dip in the river, tried to take photo of some crazy fish jumping out of the water and took few images of newly renovated railroad bridge.

Not a great gallery, but not entirely bad. It is almost impossible to take a decent image of Berta, the second she sees my camera, she duck. The one where she is laying on the dock is the best I took in years. She heard the rowers approaching, so she turned around. Bingo!

As I said, there were so many crazy fishies jumping out of the water, but soon I found out it was impossible to catch them on camera. Like they took a page from Berta’s book. The one here is barely visible, but I liked the composition with that end of the wooden dock, so I played around with it. My friend suggested I take a video and extract an image from there, but isn’t that cheating?

The railroad had been under the construction for three years and is finally finished. Nicknamed “Hendrix” for the graffiti that was painted 30 years ago, the bridge was constructed in the year 1939. and it has a great architectural and engineering value, because there was no actual welding work and the main beam was strengthened through ingenious engineering of the arc. Although the Hendrix graffiti was painted without any real artistic merit and certainly without any deep message, over the years it acquired somewhat legendary status, especially to the “Lost” generation of 70s and 80s. In the latest reconstruction, a new coat of paint was applied. There were two separate attempts to spray “Hendrix” at the same place, center of the bridge, but the workers painted it over. Still, there is hope, now that the job is done, some brave soul will climb the bridge and make it “Hendrix” again.

Next Monday I would like to take you behind the stage of June and July One Four Challenge, on a stroll through Milan. Stay tuned. 😀

3 thoughts on “Down By The River

  1. This is such a great post. As always I enjoy your commentary and I love the idea of looking for images for the upcoming challenges.
    You do make me laugh – you and the fisherman 😜 I’m sure you don’t think it’s funny, but it makes for a great story!!
    Cute Berta 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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