You Know Nothing, Snow

It shouldn’t be this hard…choosing an image for Monochrome Madness. And still, some weeks I find it almost impossible.

This week I put all my money on drama. The original image was taken on a sunny mid-day, very bright, full of sunlight. So, I went the opposite direction. I forgo the details, sharpness, clarity…everything…just to create this dark, Gothic image.
When I look at other images, I see people putting so much effort in improving, making something better, creating a visual spectacle. I am just trying to create…nothing more, nothing less. Half the time I don’t even know where I’m going, I just push the corners of my little box, stretch my imagination…hoping I will lend on my feet. I never see my images as finished, they are all half-way there, suspended in air. All I can hope is I will learn something new.

Because, if I am being honest…I know nothing.

This image is my entry to Monochrome Madness challenge hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

16 thoughts on “You Know Nothing, Snow

  1. Join the rest of us Lore… I have no idea what I a putting up most of the time and sometimes its just pure luck I have taken something that I think might be ok for MM. Its all a learning experience so dont be too hard on yourself. BTW Love this shot, the perspective the composition, great choice 🙂

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