The Remains of the Day

And I am back!

I know you missed me like crazy. 😛 It is good to be back in the world of ABF, I must confess I missed this little gathering of ours.

What to say about this week’s edit? This is an image from my vacation in Italy, from my favorite place for the afternoon rest. It is the end of the Parco Sempione, where the Castello Sforzesco begins. Berta and I spent many hours walking around the park and resting on the benches right at this spot.

Loré Dombaj ABF55 beforeIn this edit I wanted to bring the image closer to the memory of that sunny afternoon, when the sun was playing game of shadows on the walls of the Castello. The original is rather bland, so I played with the colors and the exposure, until I got what I wanted. As I said it on Stacy’s blog, I used one of my tricks and it wasn’t flipping. 🙂 I stretched the image horizontally, for about 15%. I don’t know, it looks better this way. It is funny how the stretching changed the angle of the image.

Loré Dombaj ABF55 after

As usual, all my editing was done in PicMonkey.

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Now, hop over to Stacy’s Visual Venturing to check what other crazy people did to their image and what is the image we are collectively going to ruin for our August One Photo Focus.

As always, have a fabulous weekend…hopefully running around with your cameras.

14 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day

  1. Well, you’re just full of tricks, aren’t you? 😉 Who would have thought to horizontally stretch the image! And I agree with you – the image does look better! What a delightful place, especially in the golden light. I can see why you chose to photograph it. So great to have you back, Loré 😀

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  2. It’s very frustrating when images don’t turn out how you remember them so you’ve done a great job making it look much warmer and giving it more depth. The stretch is an inspired choice, subtle, yet so effective. I hope you and Berta had a lovely holiday. 🙂

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