The Italian Job

It’s been awhile since I used my favorite Orton effect. It is a feature in PixlrExpress that I got addicted to. But it doesn’t work every time, so I really needed to be careful not to slap it on every image I was editing.

Oh, happy days! It worked on this one, so my addiction was fed one more time.

I like the softness it gives, almost like a velvet, it feels to me like the walls would be smooth and soft to my touch. Strange, I know…but try living in my head for a minute. I dare you.

I took my time taking images of this building, until I realized it was the bank and the guards were looking strange at me. Maybe they thought I was preparing for The Italian Job? 😀

As you should all know by now, Monochrome Madness is a weekly challenge hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. If you’d like to participate or browse through the amazing gallery, be sure to check it.

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