July #One Four Challenge – Week 2

Last week my focus was the cat. Hence the tight crop and adjusting the colors and exposure. This week the exercise was the overall placement of the main object in the frame. I wanted to explore how to connect the background with the object, trying to build the composition that would serve the purpose to the story I have in my mind. I know this all sounds too complicated, but it is quite simple.

The image was taken in the courtyard of Castello Sforzeco, one of the most beautiful and important historical landmarks of Milan. My first edit was just about the cat and she could be anywhere in the world, the background is just that…the background. In this edit I wanted to make the background an actual stage…looking at the image, you see the cat sitting on the steps and you are wondering where that is.


If I was seeing it for the first time, I would guess it was taken in some historical place, probably Mediterranean, on a lazy summer afternoon. I am curious to know if my exercise worked for you? I think there are many elements of the image we forget to look for, concentrating on improving the obvious things. And I think I did that in my first edit, so I was looking for those other elements, little things that actually tell the story. And you know me, it is all about the story. And flipping the image. 😉

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As always, be so kind and check other OFC participants by checking the tag “onefourchallenge” in your WP Reader and Robyn’s blog Captivate Me.

16 thoughts on “July #One Four Challenge – Week 2

  1. This is so interesting.. you know I didn’t ‘see’ the step last week. I like the way you have defined the background – many wonderful textures and patterns there.
    Wasn’t miss Pussy CAt facing the other way last week? 😛 Yes she was! 😀 I like the way you do that!

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  2. You succeeded in your experiment, Lore. 🙂 I love the brickwork and the background. It kind of lifts the whole photo to a new level, where you can see the cat but also not ignore a simple background.


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