July #One Four Challenge – Week 1

Last month was almost too easy, I knew which image I would choose and I had an easy job editing it. This month I presented myself with another challenge, but I always try to offer something new. Hence the cat.

I took this image on my trip to Milan, in the inner court of Castello Sforzesco. She was claiming her spot in the sun, ignoring me…and giving me a side way glance now and then, like she was trying to say: Disappear, you puny human.


This was a very basic edit, just a bit of cropping and adjusting the exposure and temperature. I am curious to see where I will end up by week 4.

I have few more images of the same cat, I was following her around. Or she was following me, who knows. I really need to find some time to go through all my images from that trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, this is my first week of this month’s One Four Challenge. As always, be so kind and check other OFC participants by checking the tag “onefourchallenge” in your WP Reader and Robyn’s blog Captivate Me.

25 thoughts on “July #One Four Challenge – Week 1

  1. Ah cute kitty kat and yes she is quite determined to be there in a relaxed kind of way – soaking up the
    Definitely like the week 1 changes and will look forward, as always to where this image takes you 😀

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  2. Emilio Pasquale says:

    This should be interesting. Maybe a Cheshire cat effect? Half disappearing? Who knows! The tight crops and contrast and saturation are good choices!

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  3. She has a wonderful expression, great capture. I like the warmed up look this week and look forward to where you go with it in the weeks ahead. An interesting subject always makes it fun to work with!

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