Sweet Dreams

It is always interesting to choose an image for ABF Fridays. This one I knew I would feature here, the moment I took the image.

I hope my cousin wont get mad for publishing this photo without his written consent. 😀 But it is such adorable image, I couldn’t help it. I managed to sneak up on them one afternoon while they were resting. Apparently , not on Berta.
Loré Dombaj ABF53 after
Not too much effort in this edit, my biggest intervention was to remove a speck of dust on Berta’s head. Everything else was just tweaking and adjusting to get this dreamy effect.

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There are some changes to ABF Fridays, we are featuring One Photo Focus on the first Friday of the month and After Before Forum on the third Friday of the month. So, we cut back to give ourselves some time to breathe over the summer. And to get out and take more image. Please, hop over to Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing to check out other after/befores.

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