Challenge…what is a true essence of any challenge? To meet basic expectations and demands…or to look outside the box? Do you face the challenge with the intention of presenting the solution? Or do you use it as a way to challenge yourself? And do you even realize what you are doing?

I do not know the answer. But there are times…glimpses of an idea…leaving the box behind. Is it possible to produce a true monochrome image over and over again? Can I look around and spot those tiny parts of the world that hide their nature in one shade of color?


Have I succeeded this week? Is this a real monochrome that my eye saw? Or is this just the version with so few shades, that I can trick myself in believing I met the challenge? Although I am not certain, there is this feeling of accomplishment, of knowing I tried.

This madness is a part of Leanne Cole’s weekly challenge Monochrome Madness, featured on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

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