June #One Four Challenge – Week 2

I had no particular idea where to go for this week’s One Four Challenge. I just played with the image, trying different things, pushing it as far as I could without going too far.

I love how this image gives me a “movie” vibe, from the original to both week 1 and 2.
What was my post-processing? Darn if I can remember…I started the same way, cropping and straightening…But I decided to change the colors, I was very curious to see if it would work. There were few dead-ends, but I finally settled on this greenish-gray version. I softened the clouds and got the idea of the fog. I know there is a way to add fog to the image, but I wanted to bring it from the original. So, I softened the clouds some more and lightened the image. My final touch was a touch of focal zoom, to give more movement to the clouds.

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I have no idea if I succeed, but I like the final result. If last time I was expecting Thor, this week there could be Hulk lurking on that tower.

Please, be so kind and check Robyn’s blog Captivate Me and the tag “onefourchallenge” in your WP Reader.

20 thoughts on “June #One Four Challenge – Week 2

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    OK, we have a winner. Just forget weeks 3 and 4. I’ll be very surprised if you surpass this. Fantastic. I’ve tried adding fog before but it always looks phoney when I do it. Whatever you did works well. And the color is… can I say it again? Fantastic!

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  2. Yep, this is fantastic! I think this week’s colours are perhaps more eerie? .. and I like the softening lots.. and the radiating movement from the tower! Nice work/play Lore 😀

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  3. I really like the colours of this week’s edit – it makes the lights on the tower really stand out. I also love the effect of the focal zoom. It looks like the clouds are moving away from the tower which creates quite a freaky, slightly sci-fi, look. Great edit. 🙂

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