Haiku – The Magic and The Mastery of Ryōkan

Every now and then I get a visit to this post, that I wrote over a year ago. One of my favorites, no doubt about it.

Snow's Fissures and Fractures

It took me awhile to understand the art of haiku. My disparagement and indifference were products of  ignorance and lack of knowledge. As a child, I would listen to grownups making fun of haiku poetry, trying to glue together few simple words without any coherent meaning, deluding themselves thinking the secrets of haiku would be revealed to their unengaged souls. But as with all things distant and unknown, only when you allow yourself to grow and learn, can you perceive and appreciate the hidden beauty and wisdom.

There are very few works of art that deeply touched me throughout my life, pushing me to rethink and question the choices I make, the way I see the world around me.

It happened suddenly and unexpectedly, I was ambushed by few simple lines. Like a fish on a hook, I was dragged onward, trying to free myself, entangling ever deeper. The words…

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3 thoughts on “Haiku – The Magic and The Mastery of Ryōkan

  1. Interesting post – I started to get interested in haiku a year or two ago, but life got busy and I stopped immersing myself in this form. Reading your post, ND others, has made me start reading again. Later I may start writing again…

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