June #One Four Challenge – Week 1

So, that happened…I took a break. It did me good. Now I can truly admit how burnt out I felt, overrun by too many things, that even this blog started to lose its appeal and the status of my safe haven.

I went to Italy, spent two weeks not thinking about much, snapping photo here and there, wandering aimlessly without a plan or a goal. I felt free. Almost weightless. And when my head finally cleared from all the noise, something else swam to the surface… words, sentences, chapters…there are so many stories to be told, I am just waiting for them to spill over.

And now I am back. Home. Work. And finally, this. First Monday of the month. Time for new One Four Challenge. I hope I picked an easy image, at least this first edit seemed easy, leaving me with many possibilities.
JuneOneFour1I was home one late afternoon when I noticed stormy clouds gathering. It took me seconds to grab my camera and snap few images before the sky opened. I must admit, this image, even the original, looks way better from what my eyes saw. It doesn’t happen often, I am deluding myself it has something to do with things I picked up over the last year, that I actually learned something.

Post-processing was very simple, just a bit of strengthening, adjusting the exposure and small tinkering with the color. I used focal soften multiple times to soften the clouds and leave the tower in focus. I love the drama in this image, I can imagine the portal opening in the sky above and Thor descending on my balcony (although I am more of Agent Coulson fan, I think superheroes are way overrated.)

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If you are new to this challenge, be sure to check Robyn’s blog Captivate Me. Also, if you’d like to see work of numerous other participants, just check the tag “onefourchallenge” in your WP Reader.

So, did you miss me? 😉

22 thoughts on “June #One Four Challenge – Week 1

  1. I love the Thor reference, oh how I wish! I like the blue floating through the whole image in the first edit, it feels powerful. Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

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  2. You bet we missed you! Welcome back Lore 😃😃
    So happy youve recharged and your holiday was relaxing and free. Its never good when stuff overwhelms us.
    Really like your chosen image this month. So far I like both too – the original and your first edition.
    Love the Marvel reference – I definitely see that 😜 Fun!!

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  3. A great image – I love the rich blue of this first edit. I also love the Marvel reference. I’m currently enjoying the mental image of Thor’s arrival, though I have to agree that the heroes without the super powers are generally my favourites. 🙂

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  4. Italy I am sure inspired you as well!! Great charged image Lore- Radio Italy tower? ( I think that says RAI?) It is signalling those gods! I ‘m not a huge fan of superheroes but I can see what you mean!!

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