One Four Challenge – The Originals

One Four Challenge will be on break in April and we are left to our own devices. Reviews, revisits or something completely new, who knows what any of us will choose to do.

I am still not certain where I’ll end up, but I thought it would be a good start to have all the originals in one place. It’s interesting to see how I tried to choose a different subject for every month and it led me down many unexpected paths.

I don’t have a favorite, there are edits from all five that I really enjoyed creating. Some gave me more trouble, some gave me more joy, but I definitely learned to choose more carefully and to take a break when things get hard (March, I am talking about you).

All in all, I had fun participating in this challenge, processing one image in four different ways give you a fresh perspective on your skills, or the lack of skills. I don’t look at this as only an exercise in post-processing, but also as a learning curve in real photography. By spending so much time on one image, I can see what I did wrong and maybe learn from my mistakes.

Until next Monday…hope to see more reviews from other participants.

6 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – The Originals

  1. I so agree with you about learning along the way in this challenge – in many areas.
    ‘Leaving you to your own devices’ – lol… I still care, truly 😛 Enjoy your break – you earned it through March!
    Love seeing the originals altogether Lore – this is a really good start – wonder what you’ll do next? Whatever it is, I know it will be simply wonderful!! 😀

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