Graffiti Bridge

I thought I wouldn’t make it, but Stacy was kind enough to accept my late entry. Another easy edit, it is funny how it becomes easier when you know what you want. I wanted to edit this image for a long time now, but I was not skilled enough to get what I want. Today, it was a piece of cake.

When I took this image last April, I really didn’t think much of it. But, few months later, as a part of the bridge reconstruction, the columns were sand-blasted and this beautiful graffiti vanished. So, I guess this image now has an added value.

I usually don’t explain my post-processing choices, but I thought I could do this today. My first step was importing the image in PicMonkey and clicking on the Orton effect. I usually start this way, to see if it works. I was amazed how good it turned out, especially the grass.

My second step was cropping. I liked the blocks of colors, so I went for a bit of panoramish (I know this is not a proper word) crop. My grid showed that the grass portion was just slightly bigger, but I left it on purpose. I don’t know if you can see it, but it sort of draws me in, like I can walk up closer.

Adjusting exposure and colors was next, I revisited it few times to find the right balance. I went for richer saturation at first, but toned it down after fifth glance. One of my favorite part of this image are colors, they are so rich and deep.

The last thing was cleaning the wall with the healing tool and replacing few blocks of stone that were beyond reparation. That was it, another easy edit, which really surprised me. As I said it earlier, I wanted to do something with this image for months, but just couldn’t find the right way.
Loré Dombaj ABF42 after

Last week’s image and this one were taken in my neighborhood, on the riverbank where I spend most of my mornings with Berta. As Leanne Cole said it in her last post, you don’t really need to travel and search far for images to take, sometimes the best subjects just lurk in your backyard.

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Be sure to check other after/before images at Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing.

I hope all of you enjoy the weekend. I will be visiting my relatives and if weather permits, I’ll try to take some photos.


18 thoughts on “Graffiti Bridge

  1. Beautiful saturated colors – makes me want to go sit on that grass on a blanket and have a picnic, with the backdrop of that wonderful message. Too bad it’s gone, but it lives on beautifully in your photo, Loré. Really nicely done, panoramish crop and all 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you liked it, Stacy. Too bad the graffiti is gone, but the grass is still as green. Fun fact – 5 years ago, Eastern morning, Berta and I ran into this huge, huge bunny! Right there, under the bridge. It was surreal, bunny on the Easter morning. Berta chased after him, but he got away.


      • This ended up in my spam folder, strange. My previous dog, Tera was much faster than Berta, but she never caught any bunnies. And I watched her chase after few, like a lightning bolt. But the bunnies have this amazing ability to change direction so swiftly, the dogs just run past them. Berta is chasing after anything that runs, but once they stop and turn around, she runs back to me, little chicken. 😀


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