Power vs Power – Revisited

After last weeks madness of One Photo Focus, this downsized version of AfterBefore is quite welcoming.
Loré Dombaj ABF40 before
I used the same image for this week’s Monochrome Madness, where I went more for the atmosphere than the actual improvement. I was curious to see how much I can improve on the original, if any.

Usual stuff in post-processing, I strengthen the image slightly, removed that distracting chem-trail (conspiracy theory anyone? 😛 ) and after that played with colors and exposure. I tried to brush and heal around those birds, but it is a marginal improvement, I was too far when taking the image.
Loré Dombaj ABF40 after

There is another reason why I’ve chosen this image. There are many images that you regret you can’t retake. Well, this one I can, because it is close to my home. So, I am planning to go there and try to take another image. If spring ever decides to visit this part of the world. I doubt there will be birds again, but one can try. And this time I will remember to take a tripod.

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To all those who say you should not waste your time in post-processing, I say – this is the reason I do it. It pushes me to rethink what I did wrong last time and go out to take another shot, hopefully learning to take better images.

You can check other entries over at Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing.

14 thoughts on “Power vs Power – Revisited

  1. There are many images that I wish I could retake, I like the you removed the trail in the sky and kept the birds. Part of me wishes to see me more but then I think again and that will take away part of the lure of the image. Really nice Lore

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    • Thank you, Ben. This is one place I can go back and compare images I take. I have confidence im ny artsy side, I can visualise what I want. The techincal side is a problem, I need to learn more in that field. But, that is a good news, because I think that part can be improved.


  2. I quite like the birds, Loré 🙂 Something about their willingness to fly around a stack that can billow chemical trails just seems incongruous and brings a tension to the photo. (Perhaps I’m advocating for leaving the trail in?) It will be interesting to see what you come up with the next go ’round! And, yes, the slower pace this week IS rather nice 😉

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