March ABF One Photo Focus

Here it is, March One Photo Focus with my image in the center of the attention. Please, go to Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing to see 24 amazing entries. It is very nice to see that most of them enjoyed editing this image, although some found it challenging… but I hope no one really had too much trouble.
I took this picture on a beautiful Sunday morning, October 2006. I was visiting Salzburg and was just about to enter the lovely Mirabel gardens, a very beautiful place, when I spotted this cluster of tables in front of the cafe. The figure holding the plant captured my attention and I snapped it without much thought.
I knew there would be some great, crazy edits of my image, so I kept it simple. Few basic things, touch of color and a bit of Focal Soften. I was there and I remember how beautiful the day was, so I tried to bring it back from the corners of my memory.

Again, I was the only one who flipped the image. 😀 I did it as an afterthought, I don’t think it improved or took away from the original. The thing I like the most is the autumn feel I brought with the colors.

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Hope you liked all of our versions and if you are interested in participating, you can find all the details on Stacy’s blog.

Have a fabulous weekend! ♥

41 thoughts on “March ABF One Photo Focus

  1. thanks Lore for giving us an opportunity to test/challenge our editing skills. I love these challenges, getting a photo with no history or pre-conceived ideas gives me a change to try new things! I love what your final edit. I am headed over to see what everyone else has done….

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  2. Thanks, Loré for sharing your image with us. Seeing the end results was fun. I can see from your final results that you still had that day in your mind and is shown through with vivid memory.

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  3. This image just sets the mood for a perfect day. I love the light and the dappled shade.
    As usual, I like your take on things 😃
    Thank you for offering your image for OPF.. Its been another great challenge!


  4. Thanks for sharing your image Loré, it was great fun to work with. I really like the autumn colours you have brought out of the image and the warm tones. Great crop and nice work on the focal soften. Nice edit and great challenge! 🙂


  5. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Shoot! I was looking for some insight into why you flipped the image. I actually like it flipped. It just seems more natural to hold a heavy potted plant on my left than my right shoulder! 🙂 And I loved the tight crop and the saturated color! I’ve got to get more adventurous next time. Thanks for a great original to play with.

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  6. Loré, what a great, fun photo you supplied us with! It was interesting to see how many cropped the image, really focusing on the statue, but to then view all the different visions after that is just remarkable! I, too, like the autumn colors and the soft focus you chose. I did catch that you flipped the photo and had to laugh at your reply to Emilio. For some odd reason, despite not knowing why you flipped it, I kinda like it better that way 🙂

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  7. And flipping it worked, even if you can’t explain why!

    I loved the crop. That really fascinated me when I saw your result. There were quite a few that cropped it like I did, which was tighter than the original, but not like yours. Your righter crop really put the attention on both the planter and the face of the cherub.

    Thanks for contributing the picture and letting us have at it!


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  8. I think that by flipping the photo you have created an image where the statue (cherub?) feels like he is looking at us more. I noticed it right away on your edit, that it felt like he was looking over his shoulder at you. Weird how such a small change can evoke a different feeling.

    Your edit also makes me feel more in the shade than the original, neat edits to make the image different than the original. 🙂

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