Five Stories Through Five Days – Berta (Day I)

I’ve been seeing it for some time now, a challenge called Five Days of Black&White, where you are chosen by a fellow blogger to post black&white images five days in a row and every day you are to choose another fellow blogger to continue the challenge.

I was very humbled by the fact that I received two requests for this challenge, both from bloggers I admire and respect very much, Robyn from Captivate Me and Ben from Aperature64.

Ever in a pursuit to tell a different story, I decided to share not only the photos, but also little parts of my life, my little love stories.



Day one brings the story of Berta, my precious little princess. I found her in a shelter when she was but a three months old, the saddest pair of eyes I ever met. Love at first sight, I might say if I believed in something like that. She was my second dog and I promised myself I wouldn’t repeat all the mistakes I’ve done with my first.

Five years later and I can say with confidence that I made all the same mistakes. And I wouldn’t change it, if it meant she wouldn’t be the same. Most of the nights she sleeps in her own bed, but every morning she climbs all over me and waits for me to wake up. As soon as I barely open one eye, I am suffocated with kisses, as she tries to snuggle ever closer. And her paws always smell like grass.

My grandma used to say: It is a sad world where we traded human love for animal’s affection.
And I would reply to her: Dear grandma, you’ll never know what joy a puppy breath can bring you. All love is love, and where is love, there is kindness…and I dream that love and kindness will spread out, like ripples in the water, gently washing the shores of all that lives.

Berta kolaž

Today I nominate my dear fellow blogger Cybele from There was a time…
and I am adding a twist to this challenge. Post five days in a row b&w or color images through which you will tell a story. It doesn’t matter what the story is, just that there is a story behind every image. It can be one sentence, a dribble from your life, a fiction, a poem, long, short, interconnected through all five days or every day a new story.

This is NOT a ‘have to’ and you can choose not to play along if you’d rather not or do it later if it doesn’t fit your current schedule.. it’s completely up to you.

If you choose to play along – you post a photo for five consecutive days from when you start and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Or you can add your own twist and let this challenge grow.

Tomorrow comes another image with another love story…hope you’ll enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Five Stories Through Five Days – Berta (Day I)

  1. This is beautiful Lore, – and thank you and what a great challenge as I of course love stories. I am away for a few days this week so not sure if there is a time limit on this. I have to wait on it or do we just do it when and if we can.

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