Say Goodbye

It is funny, but I don’t have much to say today. And I always have something to say. 🙂 This image is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge and I thought it would be nice if I paired it with one of my old poems. Hope you enjoy both.


Say Goodbye

Don’t caress me like snowfall,
cause it burns too much.
How can you be so cold,
yet so pleasing to my touch?

Don’t whisper like a breeze,
cause it is damn too loud.
You lie to me with such ease,
your words make a beautiful sound.

It’s hard to keep hanging on,
when you want to subdue
the fire burning inside me,
afraid I would obliterate you.

Crashing like an ocean to my shore,
my body like the white cliffs of Dover,
even when I am falling, I want more,
stubbornly refusing that we’re over.

If you touch me like snowfall,
if you sing me a lullaby,
I will not be able to forestall,
I will not survive your goodbye.

Leanne Cole hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge and you can check more monochrome images on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. If you want to join us in our weekly fun, you’ll find all the necessary details there too.

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