Who Will Digg My Grave?


With a shovel in your hand,
How will you find the strength
Or a will to part with me?

Will you still mourn me,
If I ask you to embrace my end?
Love will tear me apart…
Love will break my heart…

Digg deep through dirt and grass,
I‘ll sleep to keep my mind at ease.
Gone in a heartbeat…
Gone, done, my last retreat…

My love, do you hear the drums calling?
You should kiss me before it’s too late.

Gravedigger is what people see,
Raw hands and muddy boots.
Are they blind? Can’t they see
Violets you placed in my hands,
Everlasting love in your eyes.

This is my offer to dVerse‘s latest prompt:

“Fold a sheet of paper in half
Think of a career or occupation choice
On the one side of the page list 10 nouns
on the other half 10 verbs that correspond to that position
Now connect each of the nouns with a verb
Using any of those combinations, write a 3 (or more) stanza poem with 3 (or more/or less) lines per stanza.”

Another interesting exercise that led me to a place I probably wouldn’t venture to.


27 thoughts on “Who Will Digg My Grave?

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    We ought to do Acrostics more often for MTB at dVerse; they really can be clever & fun; as is yours. The last stanza is killer, shifting the emotional timbre of the piece. Nice job.

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  2. Wow! I read this after seeing the Shakespeare Investigation of Othello. This was a perfect epilogue. Usually acronyms are not very successful poem, but this one is rich in emphasizing what the poem does very well. I’m impressed!

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