February #One Four Challenge – Week 1

Here we are, at the beginning of a new month, which means we are at the beginning of the February One Four Challenge. Hosted by one and only Robyn from Captivate me, this challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks. Meaning every Monday you get to see something new from our kitchen.

Ever the lazy one, I picked out my February image this Sunday. And I think I picked out a great image to play with. By the week 3, I’ll probably think I was crazy, cause I’ll be out of ideas. Same happens every month, but I manage to pull it off, mostly because of your comments and suggestions.


I took numerous photos of inner-court gates in Milan last year, most of them still waiting in my folder “Milan Gates”. I was planning to show them all, because there are so many amazing iron gates, but changed my mind. Since I hope I’ll go back there this May, I’ll try to take the same images, to see if I learned anything in the last year.

My editing choices were simple, cropped to get the symmetry, straightened it a bit, played with exposure and saturation and added the vignette to draw your eye to the middle of the image. The idea behind this edit was to get a feeling you were looking through the peephole into a secret passageway.


I know this is a simple editing job, but I already have some interesting ideas. Looking forward to what future brings. (Hmmm, I wonder if there is a way to introduce the aliens into this image? 😛 )

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As always, if you want to see other participant’s edits,just type in your Reader “onefourchallenge” tag and visit Robyn’s blog Captivate Me.

26 thoughts on “February #One Four Challenge – Week 1

  1. Your crop and color choices are very lovely. What a beautiful gate. I have no doubt you will work your way through this month rather easily with this image, it is lovely and has lots of options.
    The vignette does draw your eye to the center of the image, I think the gate has a similar effect. I am sure you will play with different viewpoints as you go through your process, looking forward to it.

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  2. Such a wonderful subject – makes me smile. I like what you tried this month with the saturation and directing our eyes. This should be a fun one and I see some bicycles behind that gate..
    I Love your comment about the dark side… Ba ha ha 😜

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  3. lensaddiction says:

    Lore it is a lovely image and you did a great job on the process. Im a fan of a good vignette and it works very well here. It made me notice how the pattern in the foreground gates is matched in the paler gate further behind it 🙂

    I only chose my image on Sun night too 🙂

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  4. Nice edit! It does draw your eye to the center just as you hoped and I think the straightening helped you as well. That is a beautiful gate, I look forward to witnessing what you do with this in the weeks to come.

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