How to explain this strange thing that happens once in a while? This quiet obsession with a movie, that lingers for far too long. It lights up your darkest corners, it enwraps your burning soul in a veil of shadows. Fire and ice, darkness and light…they dance a strange dance, coming to the edge, but never going over, fiercely guarding their domain, while trying to dominate one another.

Do you recognize yourself in a story? Do you fight the same demons? Or are you simply touched by exposed flaws of a human being…By his struggle to survive, to feed the beast that roars hungrily in his mind. Are you in awe by this display of a raw talent, in front of the camera and behind. Are you ashamed to admit the truth? For you know you are not him, but you share his darkness. What is this wild thing that has you in its iron grip and doesn’t let you go?

And do you even need to know the answer?


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