Over at dVerse Brian challenged us to break a form of poetry. This is what I would call a broken acrostic, where the last letter of each line spells out a title of my poem. Hope you enjoy my little exercise in breaking.

      In the end it wont matteR
How we lose our lovE
Once we leave this asyluM
Do not dare to cry for mE
Through my words you’ll swiM
Over my stanzas you will climB
You’ll want me as your heroinE
But I always was your annihilatoR
Isn’t  this life one crazy dilemmA
I find it impossible to fight addictioN
Although your touch leaves me toxiC
And still I thought you’d never break mE




32 thoughts on “Rememberance

  1. heh…have you ever seen a double acrostic…where the first and last letters spell the word….my that would be frustrating….whew…sound slike an intense relationship…both a bit toxic to each other…luckily it wont matter when we leave this world, but still…yikes.

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  2. Nothing broken about this acrostic! It is a wonderful different take. The end acrostic shows much talent and skill, the words give us a picture of a dangerous relationship, but still…..poignant. I like ths muchly.

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  3. I love the your presentation of the end line acrostic form ~ I have never tried it this way ~ Also the subject matter is very dark & telling of a toxic relationship ~ Well done with the challenge ~

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  4. oh heck… that hits hard… fighting addiction is never easy and if it’s addiction to a person it can be double difficult – i once was in a relationship like that a bit and it was a way through many valleys and the most breathtaking mountain tops as well

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