ABF One Photo Focus

My Fridays are usually reserved for After Before Forum and this year we are continuing with this excellent challenge. To spice things up, we decided to do something special on every first Friday of the month.

So, here we are…proudly presenting our ABF One Photo Focus, where all the participants edit the same image, submitted by one of our members.

Our first image comes from a very talented and funny Emilio Pasquale.
Loré Dombaj ABF31 OPF

I must say I really liked Emilio’s image, it was a good experience trying different editing choices. First thing I did was to crop the image, so I lost parts of the image that were blown out. Again, I flipped the image and I really think it works better this way. Usual stuff followed – adjusting exposure and colors, the colors worked great on those old trucks, that part really surprised me.

In the end I was looking for the way to deal with the blurriness of the image and used a little trick I learned. The effect is called FocalSoften and it focus on one particular part of the image, while everything else becomes more soft. It is an optical illusion, the soft background makes the focal part more clear.

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You can check other wonderful entries (21 in total, it is a new record) on Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing.

Next week we are back to our usual stuff, showcasing our own AfterBefore images.


31 thoughts on “ABF One Photo Focus

  1. Flipping the image has really made a difference, great idea! I like that you have managed to change the overall focus and brought the yellow truck out more as a focal point. Nice work!


  2. Love the way you flip some images Loré – this totally works and so does the softening.
    Nice work!
    Great to take part with you all this week for One Photo Focus 😀


  3. lensaddiction says:

    Great job, I see you were the only one to go with the flipping, so all the originality points there. Love the rich tones and the tight crop and that Focus Soften effect works perfectly here, given the original image was quite soft too 🙂


  4. Well done! Like everyone else, I like the creativity of flipping the image. It makes more of a difference than one would expect. The softening is yet another way to bring the focal point to the yellow car.


    • Yes, sometimes the flipping of the image makes a huge difference. I am often surprised by that. And then, there are images that look worse when flipped. But, it’s always nice to play around and learn few new things. Thank you, Robin. Glad you liked it.


  5. I just love how you always come up with something so original, Loré – flipping the image was a great choice. I’ll have to play around with that to see the differences it makes in certain photos, just for fun 🙂 And the softening of the background to give clarity to the front truck worked really well. Really great job!


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