The Age of Men


What was before us, that we know. What will be after us, that we don’t need to know. But what is now, we refuse to know.

Stubborn little creatures, surrounded by walls we built to protect us or keep others out, we foolishly believe that we are the masters of the Universe. That everything that ever was had only one purpose – to serve us. We are an ignorant species destroying our only home, the only place we are able to breathe, to live.

Right this moment, this is our home. Pale Blue Dot, barely visible from the last image Voyager took before losing us out of its sight, a speckle of dust in this vast space that surrounds us. There are no borders, countries, barriers, visible objects made by us. There is only nature. There is only what was before and what will be after.

Our history is history of violence, there is no denying of that. As long as we use any form of violence to solve problems, there will be no room for our growth. Death sentence, forced animal euthanasia, police brutality, human and animal abuse, occupying countries under the pretence of fighting for democracy, financing military industry instead education and health care, killing in the name of deity, country, flag or holly book…violence begets violence.

Who is at fault, who is to blame? The person who holds a gun, that is where we start. Because if we give up on the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword, maybe that will be the point of no return. Our history is history of violence and it seems as though we are lost children living in a bleak house, our future overcast by our past.

In the great scheme of things, I do belive we will be forgotten. I just hope this planet survives our false reign.

Could someone please turn on the lights?


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