Point of Origin

Time for another entry in Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wissof-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. 100 words more or less, inspired by a photo, here we go….


 Copyright –  Jean L. Hays

“I was there.” Brigit said. “The Great Fire.”

“But that was almost 150 years ago! That is not possible.” I regarded her warily, wondering if she’ll set my shoes on fire again. It was not a pleasant experience the last time she did it.

“Shush, boy. Your ignorance is painful enough, I can’t suffer through your words, too.” she turned around, encompassing the square with her blazing eyes. “They tried to rape me. So, I set them on fire.”

“Who?” I yelped, smelling the burning rubber.

“Hush, child. This age of men is intertwined with cruelty. Maybe it’s time for another fire.”

Great Chicago Fire
Brigid, the Goddess of Fire

42 thoughts on “Point of Origin

  1. Dear Loré,

    You’ve left me with more than a few questions. Not a bad thing. 😉 It makes me wonder if she’s really talking about the Chicago Fire or one of a different sort. At any rate, the men in question deserved the fire. Nicely done.




  2. Dear Lore,

    Let me be the first to note how your perfect title adds so much to your smoldering tale. Excellent use of the language and the senses. i can smell the boys sneakers about to combust. Very well done.




    • Thank you, Doug. I wanted to convey a sense of an adventure through boy’s thoughts. The title came to mind when I remembered the Great Chicago Fire. I even have a book about it at home. Good thing I read comments on Rochelle’s story first, I had no idea this was an image of Chicago.


  3. I’ve never heard of Brigid before, thank you for bringing her to my attention, I love finding new and interesting tidbits from mythology.
    An interesting story by the looks of it, with far more waiting to be told.


  4. I too was unaware of Brigid’s special attributes. So that’s interesting. But underlying your story are deep and dark happenings and I just don’t know what it it is about my gender and the societies that turn a blind eye.


    • Lack of education and I don’t mean basic school education. One would think we would evolve more by the time we thread the waters of the 21st century. As long as the violence in any form is used as a substitue for peaceful resoultion, there will be no progress. Thank you for reading and observing.


  5. Nice contrast between these two characters. Their voices work well to show the differences in their perspectives. I don’t think he’s a match for Brigit. He should take her advice and shush.


  6. I loved your story, from the boy’s curious nature to Brigid’s pain. Brigid is an important figure in Irish mythology, spanning both pre-Christian and early Christian lore so it is only fitting that this transferred to the US. Not a woman to be messed with – I think you captured that very well 🙂


  7. My ignorance is pretty painful too, at least to others. They often get that confused look when I start speaking. This was a pretty “hot” story. She sounds like a pyromaniac to me. 🙂


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