Waiting For Better Days

Like a train departing from the station, I feel my blogging wheels are slowly starting to turn. My fingers are dancing over the keyboard, anxious to put my thoughts and feelings in words and sentences. It’s funny, but I can almost smell spring, even though it is months away. I guess it’s all about the new beginnings and other nonsensical things.

In my blogging schedule, Tuesday is a Monochrome Madness day. Hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, it is a wonderful challenge that helped me learn, grow and meet so many lovely people.


So, for this week, I chose an image from October, when we had one of rare sunny days. I was taking a walk along the river bank and stumbled upon these railroad ties, dismantled from the latest railway bridge reconstruction. Just sitting there, basking in the glory of the autumn sun, waiting to be reused. They disappeared since then and I hope they found their better days.

Please, go to Leanne’s blog to see many other beautiful entries. And if you’d like to join the madness, you’ll find all the details there.

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