Loré’s Little Helpers

Hello all and welcome to the last ABF Forum in this year. We’ll be back January 9th, so prepare to be blown away. I am not going into details, cause it’s Christmas. You don’t want to read long boring posts (I know, almost impossible in my case 😛 ) and even if you read it, you’ll forget everything with that first piece of cake you eat. But remember I warned you to prepare. You will be blown away.

Do not panic, I didn’t mean that literally. 😉

This year had unusually high number of rainy days, I whined about that enough times. There were very few opportunities for me to go outside and take some fresh photos. And I was getting frustrated with recycling old images I took years ago.

Loré Dombaj ABF 30 beforeSo this Saturday, I gathered my little helpers and we had a photo session. I had so much fun, I’ll need to do that more often. There are many photos that I’ll probably publish before Christmas, this little red reindeer is a star in most of them.

My little friends didn’t really need much work, just a little bit of cropping and adjusting colors and temperature. I added a frosty vignette again, because I feel it can only work in December. 😛

Loré Dombaj ABF 30 after

If you want more info about the ABF Forum and how to participate in all the fun, hop to Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing

That’s it folks. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with many happy returns to my blog. I hope I’ll continue to post interesting and funny things (ok, I am a bit delusional 🙂 ) and that you’ll enjoy following my journey.

Be fabulous, be unique, but most of all, don’t forget to smile! ♥



16 thoughts on “Loré’s Little Helpers

  1. Your little helpers are very cute, you’ve done a nice job with the colours, it looks way more Christmassy now! Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing more interesting and funny things in 2015!! 🙂


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