Almost Magic

I’ve been out and about last Saturday, wandering through the streets of my home town, snapping pictures of Christmas decorations, people rushing, children having fun. It is a beautiful time of the year, although slightly crowded for my taste. It was hard to take photos, with people constantly pushing you, squeezing past you, rushing to your side to see what was so interesting that made you stop.

Does it ever happen to you? When you stop and look at the window shop or something interesting, in 30 seconds you are surrounded by other people, looking what you are looking…Human nature, crazy thing. 🙂

For this week’s Monochrome Madness I picked this image of trees decorated with lights. To be technically correct, I turned it into monochrome sepia, but the result looked almost the same as the original. So, I guess that means I managed to take a true monochrome image.


The post-processing was done in my old friend PicMonkey. I played with various effects and decided to try Focal Zoom, to see where it would get me. I set radius to minimum, with very soft edges. Wow, what a nice surprise that turned out to be. I am in love with the result, it looks almost magical.

I read a comment by someone on the latest Stacy Fischer’s ABF post that we should focus on learning photography theory and not wasting our time trying to rescue poor images through Photoshop. Well, as I replied there, I’ll say it here, too – it is interlinked for me, because by trying to improve poor quality images, I learned what I’ve done wrong and how I can improve my photography technique. This image is a good example, because there was no cropping, tinkering with the exposure or going through gazillion filters and effects. By learning from my mistakes and other’s feedback, I managed to capture a decent image and by applying  minimum efforts, I ended up with the very pleasing result.

Be sure to check out our next week’s edition of Monochrome Madness – a Christmas edition, where we’ll be showcasing our monochrome images with the splash of color. For additional information and many more interesting monochrome entries, check out Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

12 thoughts on “Almost Magic

  1. I love it! It IS magical. I totally missed sending in a picture this week for MM42. Oh well. I won’t miss next week’s Christmas “hint of color” though. As a matter of fact, maybe I should just work on that picture tonight and email it so I don’t get busy and forget!


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