December #One Four Challenge – Step III

Hello, you wonderful people. Just one more week and the Christmas will be at our doorstep. A well-deserved break from all the stress and craziness.

Week 3 in December One Four Challenge feels like a half-step towards Week 4. I wanted to achieve an old, vintage look, a departure from the festive and vibrant colors in my first two weeks.

For this week’s post-processing I used only FotoSketcher. Few weeks ago I turned one of my images into a vintage photo and it worked so nicely. The only problem was that it turned into a monochrome and I wanted to have some color in this image, it looked rather bland in b&w.

                  Week 3

Week 3

I was looking around the FotoSketcher and spotted a feature – merge the original image with the result. There are scales to be adjusted, a lot of hit and miss was going on, but I finally got what I wanted.

This is my image for Week 3. I love the colors and the vintage look, I just couldn’t figure out the composition. This image doesn’t speak to me, there is no story lurking from the dark corner. I worked for too long and realized I was stuck. So, I decided to leave it like this and try to work on all my ideas next week.

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So, onward to the next week. Right now I am thinking of using Week 3 as a starting point, but will probably change my mind 735 times. 😀

For all the details on this One Four Challenge be kind and visit Robyn’s blog Captivate Me.

26 thoughts on “December #One Four Challenge – Step III

  1. lensaddiction says:

    Love the vintage effect, works really well here. I think the story is in the original crop, its all about the shiny balls 🙂


  2. Good morning Loré 😀
    Love love love your commentary and the way you go about things.
    This is a wonderful edit – just love the vintage touch that could have been so long ago.
    No reason at all, why edit 3 can’t be a step towards edit 4 🙂
    Always enjoy a smile when I visit you here – Love this! It brings up old fashioned thoughts of Christmas and fun times.


  3. leecleland says:

    Love this week 3 image. Toned down nicely without the gaudy baubles that make me think of consumerism Christmas. Vintage and antique that reminds me of Christmases of old with family and friends and neighbours that we all knew. Looking forward to week 4 and where you go with it.


  4. I don’t know what you’re unhappy about — the vintage look really suits this shot. You want a story? These decorations look like they’ve been waiting for decades in a dark corner for a tree to hang on. 😛


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