‘Tis the Season

The 2014. is coming to its end and all I can wish for the next year is to be just as good as this one was to me. Nice and easy, slow and steady…unless I decide to be wild and reckless. 🙂 Otherwise, just leave me be.

Here it is, my second to last 2014 After Before Friday, with my little snowman. This is my Christmas Wreath, hanging on my front doors.

Funny story: I had an old Christmas Wreath that I made by myself years ago. Last year I thought it was a time to change it, so I bought a beautiful, big wreath with frost and little red berries all over it. What I realized too late was that it was too heavy, so it ended up to be a centerpiece for my dinning table. And the centerpiece with the addition of one little snowman ended up hanging on my front doors. Ok, maybe this is not a very funny story. :/

Loré Dombaj ABF 29 After

The only interesting thing I did was using Focal B&W effect, which gave me nice fadeout from the center of the image. I hoped this would work well with the frosty vignette, achieving a soft transition from a very colorful little snowman to that frosty edge. Nothing spectacular, but it was a helpful experiment for future ideas. In past I had trouble with that frosty vignette, it just didn’t look good on any image, I am glad I figured out how it can work.

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So, one more AfterBeforeFriday left. Then it is time for a little holiday hiatus. Prepare yourselves to be dazzled by our 2015 edition, full of new surprises, names, challenges and most of all, lots of fun.

If you want more info about the ABF Forum and how to participate in all the fun, hop to Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing

14 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

    • Thank you, Ben. Honestly, I don’t really like the final image, but I like the post-processing path that helped me learn few new things.
      I need to work on better quality images, this way it looks like I don’t know how to snap a decent photo. 😀 And I have some decent images, I swear.

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  1. H Snow, learning something new is one very good reason to be a part of the after-before forum! I think it is important to learn and experiment. Loved your story. A little like buying a fridge and then realizing it doesn’t fit (which we did!) see you again soon.


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