Christmas Lights

This is week 40 of Monochrome Madness, I’ve been doing this for 33 weeks. 33 different monochrome images, my experiments in the world of post-processing and general taste. Some turned out to be success, some were not. I learned a lot and still, I know nothing.

This week I tried to get the old photo look once more. But this time, I wanted it to really look old and worn, like it was found discarded in a bottom drawer of an old desk. After my usual adjustments (cropping, exposure, effects, a light vignette), I ended the post-processing in PhotoSketcher and used a “vintage photo” effect.


I am not really sure about this one, so I am sending it out into the world, maybe someone will like it more than I do.

If you want to see some great and inspiring monochrome images, be sure to hop over to Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

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