Coat Of Arms

For this week’s Monochrome Madness I wanted something dreamy. Browsing through my old photos, I discovered this lost treasure and wanted to see where it will get me.

This is Drašković-Malatinski Coat of Arms dated back to the 18th century, placed on the outer wall of one of Croatia’s best preserved old castles, the Trakošćan Castle.

There were numerous steps in this post-processing, but it was done surprisingly quickly. I cropped the image, removed some bits, smoothed the wall texture and played with exposure and filters. It was not my first intention to get this smooth, almost metallic feel, but I ended up there and I liked it. As a last step, I added the vignette. There are some interesting preset overlays in PixlrExpress, so I played with a variety of those and this is the finished look. Quite polished, I would say, that silvery background.

If you are interested, check out my Friday ABF Forum post, where I’ll publish the before and the middle images, so you can see the process.

Be sure to check Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, for more great monochrome images. If you’d like to participate, you’ll find all the details at the bottom of her post.


This is my 200th post on this blog. In less then 10 months. I really talk too much. 😀

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