November # One Four Challenge – Step II

Welcome to Week Two of November One Four Challenge, created by Robyn of Captivate Me. Her idea is to take one of our own images and process it four different ways – sharing it over four weeks on our own blogs – one image per week. If you would like to join in the fun, please hop to her blog and read some more info.

In my wanderings through the world of post-processing I discovered so many simple, but very helpful tools. Like cropping. For my second edit I wanted to step away from the original, without losing a connection.


It took me few days to get the final result, not because it was complicated, but because I wanted to achieve a certain atmosphere. So, I cropped the image first, to get this composition of split colors. By decreasing saturation and temperature, I got this lovely soft pink shade, it reminds me of a cherry blossom.

The next step was flipping the image. It became I joke for me, cause I do that often with my images, just so I could say I did something very complicated. 😀 This time it gave me another point of view, removing it even further from the original. The image I got was really lovely, but I wanted something more.

So, I uploaded it into a PhotoSketcher, a nice free program that enables you to turn images into paintings. I chose oil pastel drawing style and played around with stroke size, intensity and texture.

Here it is, my lovely painting….uh sorry…image. 😛 Now turning on panicky mode for the next week.

17 thoughts on “November # One Four Challenge – Step II

  1. You funny girl… You make me laugh!!
    I was thinking this edit looks very painterly… and then you said it 😀
    Love that soft pink and really like the way you’ve thought out of the box, by rotating and cropping.
    Another successful edit.
    Think Im going mono next week, but scratching my head for the week after – fun 😊


  2. Thanks for the tip with the PhotoSketcher, I might use that one in Week 4 😉 But we will see… Really like what you did this week and it really shows in how many ways you can work on a picture! Thanks for all the out of the box ideas!

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  3. Good thought about flipping and honing in on specific petals, Loré! That gives me ideas and thanks for the useful Fotosketcher tip – I’ll have to hunt for this. You made me laugh about the panic station comment – that’s how I feel too. We’ve done the nice, easy subtle bit…. now it’s ON!


  4. Oooo yes! I can see the brush strokes! I might even take look at Photo Sketcher. Thank you for the details of your edit…I’m still trying to get my head around all this, and for visiting.


  5. lensaddiction says:

    Its a lot more abstract now, I like the flipping of the image, works quite well. Personally I am not a fan of textures so that didnt work that well for me, but that isnt a judgement, just a preference 🙂


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