Demon’s Berceuse

Starry_Night_Over_the_Rhone    Vincent Van Gogh – Stary Night Over the Rhone, 1888.

When you think about your childhood
You remember the monsters under the bed
Some would whisper others would shout
You tried to fool them by playing dead

Once you wailed in your nightmares
But there was no one there to save you
Drowning in a sea of gasoline
Left alone to fight your way through

I am your personal demon
My dark embrace is all you wish
It’s hopeless to fight fire with fire
You better keep me on a leash

All you have is your reflection
Watching patiently from the dark
Cold steel comfortable in your hand
Why do you hesitate to leave a mark

Once the memories begin to fade
Solace will find a way back
Nothing in this world will ever break you
You will tame me and I will fade to black

We both know I am your favorite demon
So ask for all you wish
But know you’re playing with fire
Better keep me on a leash

Weekly Writing Challenge Oh, The Irony


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