An Old Friend

Of all the dogs in the world, you could truly say that Rea was a human trapped in a dog’s body. Her eyes seemed to say – If only I could speak.

She was my best friend’s companion and it’s been years since she crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I remember when I first saw her, she was just a puppy with ears bigger than the rest of her body, soft fur, puppy breath…And she had a personality to match her cuteness. As years passed by, she lost that puppy playfulness, but kept that mild, sweet character.

Rea was many things…a cherished family member, a beloved friend, but I will always remember her as the greatest dog I ever met.


Monochrome Madness Challenge is hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Tuesday people from all around the world show their monochrome images. Be sure to check it out and participate in all the fun.


5 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. The pic sooo reminds me of our beloved lab, Jazz. He was an awesome companion on my three day drive from Alabama to Colorado. I swear, he was a person in a previous life. I wish he’d had a driver’s license. I totally would have trusted him to get behind the wheel. Great shot.


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