How Many Tinny Squatters Can You Spot?

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia…not so in Zagreb. But today is a beautiful day and the mean Weather Man said it would be sunny over the weekend. I really hope there will be some snapping and shooting of non-violent nature, that is if I manage to “borrow” again that nice Canon from my friend.

If you want to see more after/before images hop to Stacy Fischer’s blog Visual Venturing, every week a fresh face joins us.

Nothing special in this week’s post-processing, just some adjustments of brightness, contrast and saturation.
Loré Dombaj before 21
By doing that I felt that  too much of the background noise was exposed and I didn’t really like it.
So, to cover that I used the “Soft” effect in PicMonkey. I know I lost some clarity and details using additional effects, but sometimes I think they improve my images.
Loré Dombaj after 21
Again, it is all a matter of personal taste. I would love if those tinny bugs were more clear, but it was a lousy day to take photos.

I’ve noticed the difference in colors on my home screen and the one I have at work. I suspect some of you see my photos slightly different from what I intended to. It seems the settings on my home screen make my photos a little bit darker, so if you are visually assaulted by my photos, it’s not my fault!!! It never is… 😀

7 thoughts on “How Many Tinny Squatters Can You Spot?

  1. Love the soft look, Loré. And what a beautiful shade of orange. And, oh, yes, the woes of color management. I got all caught up in that when I discovered the photos I post-processed on my laptop were incredibly oversaturated on a friend’s iMac screen. I actually wrote a post about that a few months back. Received lots of feedback and help. In the end, all you can do is control to the best of your ability the color management on whatever device you’re using; what appears on other screens, you have no control over… I’ve never really thought your images were too dark, and I do have a color controlled system 🙂


    • I am glad that you and Robin like the soft look, I thought it worked rather well. I am not worried about the difference in color, it was just a very crafty way to find an excuse for my final results. You know that old sayin: It was not me!!! 😀


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