Few Fascinating Facts About Praying Mantis

Spotted this little fellow outside my office few days ago, so I asked him if he would like to be the guest on my blog. He was very cool and professional about it.

IMG_1043          Zagreb, 01.10.2014.

Mantes have binocular vision, but only one ear.

Mantes are unique among insects in their ability to turn their heads a full 180 degrees.

Mantes are closely related to cockroaches and termites.

Mantes use specialized front legs to capture prey.

Praying mantes do prey on other insects, but are not necessarily beneficial insects.

Female mantes sometimes eat their mates.


2 thoughts on “Few Fascinating Facts About Praying Mantis

    • Actually, this little fellow was standing on the concrete in front of my work place. My colegue gently placed the bug on a patch of grass. I was very surprised to see a mantis in the middle of the city. Some of my colegues thought it was a grasshopper!


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