Subtle Change

Hello Earthlings! It’s Friday and among many great things that Friday brings, here is the ABF Forum. Please visit Stacy Fischer’s blog Visual Venturing and enjoy some fabulous posts from other participants.

I borrowed Canon EOS 500D from a friend and played  with it over the weekend. Oh my, what a joy. For a longest time I wanted to get my hands on a macro lens, but with no luck. I took some photos of my jewelry with the 18-55mm lens and managed to get some decent close ups. Because it is not a macro lens, it just wouldn’t snap the image once I was too close. So, one of the tricks I used was to start snapping from afar and gradually coming closer and closer, thus managing to get really close. It is far cry from what I would get with the macro lens, but I am very happy with some of the images.

Loré Dombaj before 20Like these pearls. It was taken from the impossible angle, I wanted to get an interesting DoF, but because of that you can see the edge of the bed, the wall and even the blanket. My goal in post-processing was to lose that background, which wasn’t very hard. By decreasing brightness and deepening the shadows I almost removed it all. The piece of that white blanket was still visible, so I used a tool in PixlrExpress called Heal. It is basically a little circle which you position on a part you want to remove and it is replaced with surrounding predominant colors, removing the part within the circle. Or something like that. I really suck at this “explaining” part. I tinkered some more with the angle and the colors, but these were all light touches.

Loré Dombaj after 20The mean Weather Man says it’s going to rain tomorrow and I was hoping to take some more photos. I even bought these delightful red apples, just like the ones from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. See, I am planning my photo sessions, that is quite an improvement. Hope you all have a much sunnier and funnier weekend and keep your fingers crossed that I get at least one ray of sun.


17 thoughts on “Subtle Change

  1. Nice image. You’re not wrong about the changes being subtle, but when I did see the wall and the white blanket I can see why you’d removed them, it looks much better without! I don’t know about your Snow White apples, but these pearls have a wonderful fairy tale feel to them! 🙂


  2. The other day I was trying such a thing and did not succeed much. I needed patience, my guess. 😦
    But you have done it so marvelously. :)The processed one looks great with the contrast of white and red against the dark background.


  3. At first I didn’t see the area you healed and was very confused, but after reading Katie’s comment I tilted my screen, very subtle editing and very well done.
    With the 18-55 lens you can get closer at 18mm but have more in the frame, I choose the the method when combating min focus distance is to focus the lens manually and then move in and out because sometimes you can get closer than the auto focus will allow you to.


    • You see, when I said I suck in the “explaining” department, I was right. That’s exactly what I was doing, manually focusing the lens and moving in and out. That moving in and out thing I discovered last spring when I was shooting with Olympus 7070, a single lense camera that just wouldn’t focus on close-ups. As I was moving in and out I realized the camera focused on it’s own.
      Thank you for explaining it way better than I did.


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