Where Did The Sun Go?

Hello, gorgeous people around the world! Time for another After Before Friday post. To learn more and to see what magic other peeps can do in the world of post-processing, please visit Stacy Fischer’s blog Visual Venturing.

It’s been raining for days, weeks, months…So I needed some color to cheer me up. Took this photo months ago, while I was playing with a borrowed Olympus. It was a middle of a cloudy day, but it turned out like it was a night shot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPost-processing was done in PicMonkey. For starters I sharpened the image to accentuate the details on the leaves. Then I increased saturation and contrast for a bit and decreased brightness and temperature. In the end, I repeated the last step from the previous week and used a Focal Soft feature with expanded radius.
Loré Dombaj After 19I know that some of you will find this image too loud, but every time I see the After image, I smile. And in my book…That’s more than enough.

I recently learned about another free editing software called digiKam, so I am hoping to use it on my next ABF entry. I am curious to explore it and share my experience with you.

Wish everyone a great weekend!!! Go out, take some photos, leave only footprints.


9 thoughts on “Where Did The Sun Go?

  1. And I smile too, Loré 😀 With the beautiful green and your need for some cheeriness, your touches were just as they should be! Sorry to hear about so much rain, but perhaps you can print this and put it out where you can visit it everyday 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend too!


  2. Me too 😀 Loré! For two different reasons:
    1. I like, very much, that gorgeous green-sharpened- shiny leaves highlighted from the blurred-dark background.
    2. Because I still remember commenting your first post in this forum; that of the red bricks building in Milan. I feel you’ve improved your editing skills and you are also finding a balance between your own photographic style and the elements you must preserve in a good image. Congratulations and keep working so!


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