A Watchful Guardian

Friday, Friday,
Pants on Fire!!!

Or something like that. Another crazy work week comes to end. Thankfully. And tomorrow is my birthday, so double the happiness for the impending weekend. I just about have enough time and energy for another AfterBeforeFriday post. Hop over to Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing to check other people with too much free time on their hands (hope none of them will read this 😀 ).

Loré Dombaj before 18
The post-processing was a nightmare, I just couldn’t get what I wanted. First I ran it through the GIMP, removing the leash and balancing the colors. Yellow was a particular b#%”$, it was so hard getting the right yellow for the flowers, without turning the entire image into a yellow mess. I really didn’t like the results I was getting. Then I went out for a walk, returned and discarded all the work, starting from the beginning. Same steps led to slightly better result, but it was still a bland image. I was running through all the tools in GIMP faster than Usain Bolt.

Loré Dombaj after 18
I wanted to create the window with my Berta in the focus and everything else blurry. Finally, I ran the image through my good old friend PicMonkey (they should really pay me for the promotion) and played around, until I stumbled upon a solution. I sharpened the image almost to the maximum which gave me some improvement on the dog and the grass, but everything else was awful. Then I used “Focal Soften” which gave me the final result. Some will say – too much work, I say – you’re right. I had the right idea, but the execution was not going the way I wanted. The final image doesn’t have the quality I would like, but considering the original image was taken with the phone camera with me hiding in the bushes, it is what it is. Btw, I flipped the image just so it would look cool in Stacy’s post.


15 thoughts on “A Watchful Guardian

  1. Hope you enjoyed your birthday! Nice picture of your lovely dog, flipping the image over really worked, it looks much better the other way round. Its weird that the mirror image makes it look more natural!


  2. So, I missed your birthday 😦 But it sounds like you had a great day! There is so much I love about your story, Loré – especially getting up and walking away, and then coming back and starting over again. It’s difficult sometimes to make the decision to throw away your work, but it usually almost ends with a better image. I think you did a fantastic job (PicMonkey, and your skills with it, is really impressing me). And, as others have commented, for some strange reason the flipping really made the photo stronger. It would be interesting to find out if this might have something to do with handedness. IE I’m right handed and for some reason I usually have my subject facing from the left inward 🙂 Anyway, well done, gorgeous dog, and belated birthday wishes!!

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    • Thank you on your birthday wishes, it’s never too late for that. My skills with PicMonkey? Yeah, unbelivable. 😀 I need to go out and take some new photos, but it’s been raining for weeks. I would like to have something new to show, it’s boring going through all the old photos. And it’s funny how I always pick images that are poor quality to post-process, I don’t know why. Anyway, thank you for all the kind words.;)


  3. I think you’ve done a great job with this image Loré; more attention focus on the dog and, flipping the image the dog is looking forward producing a more natural sensation. Congrats!


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