Porta Soprana

The Italian city of Genoa, chief town of Liguria and ancient capital of the Republic of Genoa, during its long history had been defended by walls. To this day, large portions of these walls remain, and Genoa has more and longer walls than any other city in Italy. The main city walls are known as “Ninth century walls”, “Barbarossa Walls” (12th century), “Fourteenth century walls”, “Sixteenth century walls” and “New Walls” (17th century).

Porta Soprana is the best known gate in the ancient Genova city walls, built in the 12th century as a part of the Mura Barbarossa. This is the spiral staircase in one of the towers.

                  Genoa, Italy  May 2013.

In 1155, the Barbarossa defensive walls were extended to give more protection of Genoa, and it was at this time, at the top of St. Andrew hill, the Porta Soprana was built. The pair of medieval towers are said to be the most well known landmark of Genoa.

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