One More Day

pollock.number-8Jackson Pollock – Number 8, 1949.

Pick it up
Start all over again
Pick yourself up
It wont be the same

You can still be
What you always dreamed
Break the hard surface
Your past sins redeemed

Close your open veins
Stop wasting your blood
Don’t let my shadow
Drag you through the mud

I can still remember
The words you said
The day you met me
“I would rather be dead”

Do you remember
The words I said
The moment I met you
“Tomorrow is a day I dread”

The pills I cling to
Refusing to throw away
Those are my falling grace
Will I see another day

So pick it up
Pass me by without a glance
Pick yourself up
You still got one more chance

2 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. Pesky literal person here…can you tell me whether this is an ode to conquering depression/suicidal tendencies or am I projecting something that is not there?


    • It is about personal weakness and resolution to not drag anyone else into that deep pit of despair. It is about a person that has no strength to help him/herself, but has enough strength to push a loved one onward. In the end, it is about what you want it to be. I believe that is the best quality of every poem or a story, to leave a room for individual interpretation.
      Thank you for reading my work and asking questions about it.

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