Jellyfish Blues

Here we are again, another Monochrome Madness Challenge, courtesy of Leanne Cole. Every week there are so many wonderful photos, and week after week I am blown away by the imagination and quality. One thing I noticed, most of the entires are b&w, including my own images. It’s like we keep forgetting what monochrome really means. So, this week, I decided to go a different route. Here is my monochrome experiment.


I took this photo last year in The Aquarium of Genoa, using my HTC phone camera. It is not the greatest shot, considering the equipment, lack of proper light, tick glass walls. But what I love about this image, where it lacks in details, it compensates in wonderful colors. I thought this would be the perfect image to show the other side of monochrome.

If you want to see other amazing entries, hop on to Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY . If you want to join is in a weekly fun, check all the details at the bottom of her post.

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