Bassin d’Apollon

I came across Stacy Fischer’s blog  Visual Venturing through Monochrome Madness Challenge where both of us participate every week. She is also hosting a weekly challenge, seems challenges are  todays fashion in blogging. I think it is the best way to promote your own work and meet other talented people.

Her challenge is called After-Before and here’s what she says about it: “After-Before Friday posts provide an opportunity for photographers (amateur and seasoned, alike) to share their photos, and if they wish, their post-processing decisions. The photos will provide a fun “wow” factor; the post-processing descriptions, the “how.” The goal is to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at others’ work while picking up helpful ideas along the way that each of us can use as we work with our own photos.”

This is the photo I took years ago in the gardens of Versailles, on a gray, rainy day.


Occupying the site of Rondeau/Bassin des Cygnes of Louis XIII, the Apollo Fountain was constructed between 1668 and 1671. Charles Le Brun designed the centerpiece depicting the Greek god Apollo rising from the sea in a four-horse chariot to light the sky. A pond was dug on the site of the fountain in 1639 called “The Pond of the Swans”. When King Louis XIV of France had it enlarged in 1671, the pond’s east-west orientation and the common association of the King with Apollo prompted Charles Le Brun to suggest dedicating the site to Apollo. The fountain forms a focal point in the garden and serves as a transitional element between the gardens of the Petit Parc and the Grand Canal.

What is interesting about this image is that it was shot with the analog camera and the original photo is scanned. I wanted to use one of the poorer images to see how it can be improved with the use of more advanced tools. The original image was processed through Picmonkey online photo editor. A little bit of cropping, tinkering with exposure and sharpness, few additional effects and I think I ended up with an interesting final image.

I must say I enjoy this challenge, because I am new to all things related to post-processing. Without Photoshop, I am scrambling with online free photo editors. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. For now, all I can do is observe and learn through others work.

If you want to join us in this fun project, check Stacy’s blog for all the details.

4 thoughts on “Bassin d’Apollon

  1. Lore, this is such a great submission for ABFriday! It’s fantastic to learn about all the different ways photographers can post-process apart from Photoshop and Lightroom 😉 And it’s amazing to see the power of software even when it comes to scanned images. It’s a wonderful photo, mesmerizing with the reflection! Thanks so much for sharing this on the forum. I look forward to more of your work there and everywhere else!


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