Who knew I would be so inspired by other people’s photos. First I got sucked in Friday Fictioneeres Challenge where we write 100 word story inspired by a new photo every week, and now Leanne Cole posted a photo on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY challenging people to write a story or a poem.  I still can’t decide what I like more, taking photos, writing fiction or poetry, musing on everyday soulsearching, talking about my favorite artists, scientists, people in general…so I take the healthiest approach and do it all.

Here it is, my latest outburst of words inspired by this beautiful photo…Hope you’ll enjoy it.


                          Copyright - Leanne Cole


Tucked away safely
In the corner of the world
Hidden in the shadows
effortlessly curled

Skin hard as stone
Darkened by scorching sun
Bones fragile as glass
No will or reason to run

Paper bag with bottle
Gripped in a desperate hand
Cigarette in another
Death by popular demand

Eyes closed in surrender
Shoulders hunched in defeat
No one to observe
This heart skipping a beat

Sun creeping gently
Melting shadows with the kiss
One more soul forgotten
Oblivion is bliss

14 thoughts on “Oblivion

  1. Really beautiful and such a harsh, thick middle! I love the ending line, “Oblivion is bliss”! Great addition to a telling photograph by Leanne.


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