Hidden Treasures

It’s been few weeks since I started to submit my photos for this wonderful Monochrome Madness Challenge. Every week I look at other people’s photos and I am enjoying different subjects and approaches. And every week I try to find something different to submit. I must say, that’s not the easiest job, since most of my photos fall into two or three categories – flowers, buildings, flowers.

snowsfissuresandfracturesImagine my surprise when I stumbled upon something completely different (wonder if there are any Monty Python fans checking out my blog). As with most of my photos of lately, this one was also taken in Milan, it seems I will be milking that cow for months. I was visiting the Archeological Museum and let me tell you, our ancestors had some rocking bodies. Of course, what is a poor girl to do, but take at least dozen photos of some amazing sculptures, mostly of naked men. Perfect excuse – It is art!!! It is history!!! It is art history!!!

Milano Arheološki muzej

Leanne Cole, a wonderful photographer from Australia, is hosting a weekly challenge on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY called Monochrome Madness Challenge, where she features some monochrome photos from other photographers.

Be sure to check other amazing photos on her blog. If you want to participate, head over there and read instructions at the bottom of the post. I would like to recommend her blog to any aspiring amateur photographer, you’ll find many helpful posts and tutorials, but above all she is very open and friendly person.

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