Some of you might have noticed I participate in a weekly photo challenge called Monochrome Madness, hosted by wonderful Leanne Cole. All I have to say is – if I can do it, so can you.

I usually browse through hundreds of photos I took over the years, trying to find THE one, that single photo that would look decent in monochrome. Sometimes, I go out to take a fresh photo in b&w, which proves to be a challenge, especially on a bright sunny day when colours are bursting all around me. Then there are times when I snap a silly photo with my phone camera, and I instantly fall in love with that image.

This is a selfie my dog took this weekend, so I decided to photobomb her. 😀


 Leanne Cole, a wonderful photographer from Australia, is hosting a weekly challenge on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY called Monochrome Madness Challenge, where she features some monochrome photos from other photographers.

Be sure to check other amazing photos on her blog. If you want to participate, head over there and read instructions at the bottom of the post. I would like to recommend her blog to any aspiring amateur photographer, there are many helpful posts and tutorials and she is very open and friendly person.



8 thoughts on “Photobomb!!!

  1. aloha Lore. you are spot on. thinking in black and white (or monochrome) is different than thinking in color. something we’ve lost with the rush to embrace all things color. i like this challenge. i may have to fall into it. it’s the one day i dont have a challenge going on. bwahahahaha. thanks for the post. i like the way your dog handles a camera. fun. aloha.


      • yes. i think both challenges (or calls) AND competitions have good points about them. i mostly now prefer challenges as well. there was a time (with my visual work) that i entered competitions. and i have played in ku-kai rounds. the thing is to not get too caught up in how you do in a competition. remember it is only one or a very few people who are doing the judging. or a lot of people with varied knowledge. and everyone is biased. even when they try to be fair. i think it’s more important to just go on with your own writings and ways. submit to publishers if you want to do so. mainly tho. read. write. read write. and repeat. that’s how i see it.


  2. Hi, I’ve just seen your selfie with your dog over on Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness and for me its certainly the best image there – very well done! Having your dog more central in the shot and you only half seen works very well indeed, and I very much like the toning you’ve used. Are you using Silver Efex Pro? Adrian


    • I appreciate you took your time to visit my blog and leave such a lovely comment. Currently, I am only using Pixlr.Express, free online photo editor, cause these few monchrome photos are the first I edited. Most of my photos are raw images. However, I managed to get my hands on Adobe Lightroom, so I suspect I’ll go a little wild with the next few images, until I find the right balance. Again, thank you for your kind words.


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