Love Affair

In my travels around Europe, I am often attracted to unusual things, details that sometimes mean so much to me, but other people just walk on by and ignore them. Last year I was visiting Genoa, a beautiful Italian city with rich history. From all the photos I took,  my favorite  by far is this one, the name of the street in the center of the city. I was born on the 20th of September, so when I stumbled upon this street, I felt like I somehow belonged there and as silly as it sounds, this place will forever occupy a special corner of my heart.

For, there is no greater love affair than the one you have with yourself.

20.09.edit2       Genoa, Italy  10.05.2013.

4 thoughts on “Love Affair

  1. The light falling diagonally across this street sign in your photo was particularly attractive. It really caught my eye. It didn’t hurt that September is also my birth month. 😉


  2. Hi, I was going through the Monochrome Madness Challenge post on Leanne’s blog and your photo caught my attention, not only because it is a great one but also because I live in Genoa, actually within walking distance from via XX Settembre 🙂

    I am glad you discovered and liked my town, which is unfortunately out of the classic Venice – Florence – Rome path and struggling to get some attention, although it is full of history and interesting places.

    Take care, ciao!


    PS: do you know why there is a street which celebrates the 20th of September (beyond your birthday)? 😉


    • I loved Genoa, it is a beautiful city, rich history and lovely people. Really enjoyed my stay there. Actually, I remembered later that it was a date of Italian unification, Risorgimento.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking your time to write such a kind and lengthy comment. 😀


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