Slow Burn

Time for another entry in Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wissof-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. 100 words more or less, here we go….


Copyright – Renee Heath

There was a pattern to their lovemaking, but she chose to ignore it. Sometimes he would bend her over the table and took whatever he wanted from her willing body. Other times he would take her to bed and use her achingly slow, breaking her more with every gentle thrust. She never could decide which way she preferred more.

How easily we bend and break, she thought, as he moved in and out of her in a leisurely pace. When he locked his burning eyes with hers and whispered breathlessly: “I love you.” she whispered back: “I am leaving you.”


41 thoughts on “Slow Burn

    • I would think so, Sandra. If not, there’s definitely a problem. Although perhaps it’s the dreaded erection that last for more than for hours, courtesy of Viagra or one of those other “wonder drugs” we’re bombarded with constantly. I’ve always wondered how you discreetly get to the hospital.



  1. Still shaking my head and laughing at the same time over that final line. She definitely got him out of the mood over that one, I’m sure. Good story.


  2. Wow! This one took my breath away! I’m glad that she finally realized she deserved better. She sure chose an interesting time to break the news. Powerful, nonetheless.


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