Captain Nemo’s Secret Quest

Another Wednesday, another Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write 100 words story that has a beginning, middle and end, inspired by the photo posted on Miss Rochelle’s blog. So, here it goes…

My latest attempt draws an inspiration from the works of one of my favorite authors, Jules Verne and combines characters from his two books – The Children of Captain Grant (Les Enfants du capitaine Grant, 1867-1868) and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Vingt mille lieues sous les mers, 1870.)

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Are you Mary and Robert Grant?”, a strange, muffled voice came from the giant towering above them.

Robert shrieked, trying to take cover behind his younger sister.

Peeking under the pillows, Mary said: “Yes, we are. How do you know our names?” sounding more confident than she actually felt and continued to fire questions: ” What do you want from us? Just so you know, I am not afraid of you.”

Captain Nemo removed the helmet and asked: “What do you know about Atlantis? Your father said you would help.”

Mary winked at Robert : “You’re up for a quest?”


After two rather serious stories, I was ready to have some fun. Oh, how I wish to be a part of some secret adventure/quest in some faraway place.

47 thoughts on “Captain Nemo’s Secret Quest

  1. Great spirit of childish adventure here, this could be the opening scene of a Narnia-style children’s book. I must admit, I don’t know The Children of Captain Grant, and read 20,000 Leagues a LONG time ago.
    Couple of minor points – “tried to cover behind”, do you mean “tried to TAKE cover behind”?
    and “continued to fire questions” is a bit odd since her previous statement wasn’t a question.


    • Thank you for pointing out these errors. I really took my time with this one, and read it over and over again. 🙂 I moved one sentence from one place to another, thus the confusion with “continued to fire questions”. Unfortunately, I have no one to proofread, so I’ll just have to be more careful. As they say – never a failure, always a lesson.

      Again, thank you.


      • Absolutely not a failure – I thought the tone and spirit of the piece was great. I’ve vowed always to point out hiccoughs when I find them in other people’s writing, because I appreciate it when people do that for me. Like you, I have nobody except myself to proofread before I post, so I like getting honest feedback from my online friends!

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  2. Loved this take. Mary’s bravado and the wonder of children. This is exactly the sort of adventure I’d have wanted to embark on as a girl…..wait I still do. Shall we head for Atlantis?


  3. I always love a great adventure, and it sounds like Captain Nemo has a lot in store for these youngsters. This was very intriguing and could, no doubt, be expanded into a wildly exciting (and longer) story. Great work!


  4. Dear Snow – I don’t know which one of these stories I would vote for as my favorite this week, but this is so full of magic and a child’s imagination – it’s pushing the top! Love it, love it! When you write the book, I want it! Such a good writer! Nan 🙂


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