Imagine Dragons


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She slowly raised her head, terror stiffening her spine. It was there, looming over them, but no one seemed to notice it, little ants running around, trying to reach their designated spots in time. But she stood there, frozen, watching. Huge head with blazing eyes, mouth agape spitting fire, preparing to descend on unexpected poor souls below. She tried to scream, but her constricted throat blocked any sound coming out. Beads of sweat broke over her forehead, while she tried to wipe her wet palms on the curtains hanging from the ceiling.

Her assistant carefully approached her and said: “You forgot to take your pill.”


My first ever try at Friday Fictioneers , hope I did it ok. 100 words long or short, links, photo…it’s all there. Enjoy.

66 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons

  1. Dear Loré,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. You seem to have linked and posted just fine. Hope you enjoy your stay with us. It’s a lot like the Hotel California. You may check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. 😉

    That face does sort of look amid the lights, doesn’t it? Hope the pill helps her.




  2. I didn’t see that face – brilliant take on the prompt. There’s always something different in a photo if you look long enough. Welcome – enjoy your stay. (Is that sealing or ceiling, BTW?) 😉


  3. Welcome to FF, Loré. I can see that the acting profession is going to take it on the chin this week. 🙂 Wonderful portrayal of someone who really needs that pill…or some serious therapy.



  4. Great job and welcome to the Friday Fictioneers. 🙂 You really drew us in with that vivid description. I gotta admit, I was wondering where it was going until the last line.


  5. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Paranoia can be a bitch, darling. I like the way you handled this, with the imagination getting the better of your narrator.


  6. Welcome to FF! It’s only my third time participating, but I’ll tell ya—it’s definitely addictive! Your first try was a pretty good one if you ask me. I can imagine (and indeed did imagine) the kind of terror that light would instill in even a normal imagination, let alone one that needs medication to stay within the realms of functional. Nice work!


  7. You did just fine… great in fact, I liked your story. Welcome to FriFic! I thought she might have forgot her lines, because that’s sure as hell what it feels like.


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